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Flash Menus and Buttons

Flash Menus allow you to develop really eye-catching menus with a magic floating background. You can create snow, star, rain, bubble effects, flash-like animations, banners and many more with Flash Menu Buttons. The buttons support colors, fonts, tiled image background, target frames, javascript, and sound. They are fast, small, and easy-to-use. Java source code is available.
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Flash Menus Screenshots

Flash Menus Examples/Templates

  1. Flash light sidebar - shows image background, horizontal direction
  2. Sound bar - simple fade topbar
  3. Banner - vertical menu with left-side alignment, menu items load from txt file
  4. Java buttons - shows using menu with frames and ability to overlap frame
  5. Sound bar - topbar example with mouseover and click sounds
  6. Web page buttons - shows tiled image background, vertical direction
  7. Drop down menus - image items, solid arrows, tiled image background, separators
  8. Animated buttons - shows mouseover popup activation, image background
  9. DropDown menu - XP-like menu with icons and disabled items
  10. Red sand - toggle mode, frame support, shadowed text
  11. Flash menus - demonstrates ability to modify the menu w/o page reloading
  12. Html buttons - 4 buttons with different colors
  13. Web menus - horizontal bars with several sublevels and minimalist design
  14. Website Buttons - shows tiled image background, small fade delay
  15. Red bubbles - shows tiled image background, vertical direction
  16. Violet bar - shows tiled image background, small fade delay
  17. Frame example - Rain - shows using menu with frames

More Examples/Templates

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