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XP Drop Down Menu Main Parameters

Name Value Default
backColor Background color (hex value or "system") 245edc
buttonColor Button color (hex value or "system") 245edc
fontColor Font color (hex value or "system") ffffff
fontHighColor Mouseover font color (hex value or "system") ffffff
font Font parameters separated by comma:
* Font type
* Font size
* Font style (0 - plain, 1 - bold, 2 - italic, 3 - bold italic)
menuItems Menu items parameters separated by "{}" and comma:
* Item text
    Separator equals "-";
    SubItem text starts with "|" symbol;
    SubItem with checkbox starts with "_V" or "_0" symbols
    "_V"-checked, "_0"-unchecked, see also checkbox example
    To wrap words place "\" symbol;
    If Item text equals "_" no item text appears;
    for more info see examples
* Item link
* Target window
    "_blank" - new window,
    "_self" - window (frame) that contains the applet,
    "_parent" - parent frame,
    "_top" - top-level frame,
    "windowName" - window (frame) named "windowName"
    "_" - inactive/disabled item
    see also apXPDropDown frame example
* Item icon
menuItemsFile Txt file that contains the menu structure. Format of file contents is the same as of "menuItems" parameter. If this parameter is defined, the "menuItems" parameter will be ignored.  
Copyright Required copyright parameter  

XP Drop Down Menu Optional Parameters

Name Value Default
isHorizontal Menu direction true
pressedItem Defines an item that will appear in the highlighted state (-1 - normal mode, 0 - toggle mode is active, but highlighted item not defined, 1,2,3,... - # of pressed item including separators) -1
3DBackground Menu's 3D Background true
buttonType Button type (0 - blue style xp theme buttons, 1 - blue style xp theme buttons on mouseover only, 2 - silver style xp theme buttons, 3 - silver style xp theme buttons on mouseover only) 1
alignText Text alignment ("left", "center", "right") left
status Status bar appearance ("text", "link") link
statusString Defines default browser's status string.  
loadingString Defines the applet loading message Loading...
solidArrows Defines the arrows appearance - 3D or solid false
clickSound Click sound  
overSound Mouseover sound  
popupOver If "true" then the submenu pops out when you mouseover the menu item false
showArrows Allows you to hide the arrows in the top menu true
systemSubFont If "false" the submenu font will be the same as of main menu true
shadowColor Text shadow color  
shadowHighColor Mouseover shadow color  
delimiter Redefines the default delimiter (comma) for "menuItems" parameter ,
encoding Encoding character set - see also Encoding table  

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