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XP Drop Down Menu Example #3

Apycom Java Applets

This example demonstrates:

  • Unlimited number of submenus feature - "Depth test" item has 12 sublevels
  • Ability to load the menu structure from an external file "menu2.txt"
  • Word wrapping - new line starts with "\" symbol
  • Font for submenus is the same as for top menu
  • Support for international character sets - encoding=Cp1253 (see Encoding table)
  • User defined browser's status string
  • User defined loading message
  • Mouse over sound
  • Solid arrows
  • Button type 2 - silver theme style buttons
  • Separators
  • Horizontal menu direction
  • 3D background

HTML Source

<applet Code=apXPDropDown.class Width=520 Height=50>
<a href=http://www.apycom.com>Apycom Java Applets</a>
<param name="Copyright" value="Apycom.com">
<param name="isHorizontal" value="true">
<param name="solidArrows" value="true">
<param name="buttonType" value="2">
<param name="systemSubFont" value="false">
<param name="overSound" value="pix/bell.au">
<param name="alignText" value="center">
<param name="backColor" value="e0e0d0">
<param name="fontColor" value="000000">
<param name="font" value="TimesRoman,12,2">
<param name="loadingString" value="Data loading...">
<param name="encoding" value="Cp1253">
<param name="menuItemsFile" value="menu2.txt">


{Java menus,pix/b04.gif}
{Depth test\This item has\12 sublevels,pix/b061.gif}
{|Level 1 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{|Level 1 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{|Level 1 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{|Next level}
{||Level 2 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{||Level 2 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{||Level 2 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{||Next level}
{|||Level 3 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{|||Level 3 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{|||Level 3 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{|||Next level}
{||||Level 4 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{||||Level 4 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{||||Level 4 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{||||Next level}
{|||||Level 5 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||Level 5 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||Level 5 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||Next level}
{||||||Level 6 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{||||||Level 6 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{||||||Level 6 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{||||||Next level}
{|||||||Level 7 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||||Level 7 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||||Level 7 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||||Next level}
{||||||||Level 8 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{||||||||Level 8 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{||||||||Level 8 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{||||||||Next level}
{|||||||||Level 9 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||||||Level 9 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||||||Level 9 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||||||Next level}
{||||||||||Level 10 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{||||||||||Level 10 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{||||||||||Level 10 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{||||||||||Next level}
{|||||||||||Level 11 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||||||||Level 11 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||||||||Level 11 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{|||||||||||Next level}
{||||||||||||Level 12 Link 1,testlink.html,_self}
{||||||||||||Level 12 Link 2,testlink.html,_self}
{||||||||||||Level 12 Link 3,testlink.html,_self}
{Greek test\,pix/b021.gif}
{|Greek test - (requires appropriate OS/browser),testlink.html,_self}

How to setup the menu


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