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Flash Menu Buttons Main Parameters

Name Value Default
backColor Background color (hex value or "system") CAFEBA
backHighColor Mouseover background color (hex value or "system") 157000
fontColor Font color (hex value or "system") 004000
fontHighColor Mouseover font color (hex value or "system") FFFFFF
font Font parameters separated by comma:
* Font type
* Font size
* Font style (0 - plain, 1 - bold, 2 - italic, 3 - bold italic)
menuItems Menu items parameters separated by "{}" and comma:
* Item text
    If Item text equals "_" no item text appears;
    To wrap words place "\" symbol;
    for more info see examples
* Item link
* Target window
    "_blank" - new window,
    "_self" - window (frame) that contains the menu,
    "_parent" - parent frame,
    "_top" - top-level frame,
    "windowName" - window (frame) named "windowName"
    "_" - inactive/disabled item
    see also frame example
menuItemsFile Txt file that contains the menu structure. Format of file contents is the same as of "menuItems" parameter. If this parameter is defined, the "menuItems" parameter will be ignored.  
Copyright Required copyright parameter  

Flash Menu Buttons Optional Parameters

Name Value Default
isHorizontal Menu direction false
backPic Background image  
fadeType Fade type (0 - the background flows to left and right, up and down, 1 - to left and right, 2 - up and down, 3 - to right, 4 - to left, 5 - down, 6 - up) 1
fadeDelay Delay (ms) between fade steps - use it to adjust the speed of background movement 20
fadeSteps Amount of fade steps 30
maxWords Max number of simultaneously visible background words 4
alignText Text alignment ("left", "center", "right") left
status Status bar appearance ("text", "link") link
statusString Defines default browser's status string.  
loadingString Defines the menu loading message Loading...
clickSound Click sound  
overSound Mouseover sound  
brightness Brightness of background words - 1-min, 6-max 2
maxbfsize Max font size of background words  
backWords Background words separated by comma. If this param is not defined, the words from item labels will be used as background words  
delimiter Redefines the default delimiter (comma) for "menuItems" parameter ,

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