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Web Buttons! Superior Vista/XP html buttons and html menus!
Superior Vista/XP html buttons and html menus!

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- How about the browser compatibility?

Our applets use JDK 1.1, which provides the widest possible java compatibility. Every java-enabled browser should work with our menus. "Java-enabled" means that the browser has Java Virtual Machine or Java-plugin installed.

- I occasionally have to refresh the page to get the menus to display
- Sometimes I get "IllegalArgumentException" error in MSIE 5.x after refreshing.

The cause is "%" in Width or Height parameters. You can use the following javascript as a work-around for this problem.

    if (self.innerWidth)
        if (navigator.appName.indexOf('etscape')!=-1)
            clientWidth = self.innerWidth-17;
        else clientWidth = self.innerWidth; 
    else if (document.body)
        clientWidth = document.body.clientWidth;
document.write('<applet code=apPopupMenu.class width='+clientWidth+' height=20 MAYSCRIPT>');
<param name="isHorizontal" value="true">
<param name="3DBorder" value="false">

For more info see http://www.weethet.nl/english/html_100percent.asp

- How to insert your applets into FrontPage?

  1. Place the .class file in the directory containing the HTML document into which you want to insert the applet.
  2. Copy the <applet>...</applet> tag from your applet implementation or examples to the clipboard.
  3. In FrontPage select the "HTML" tab from the lower left hand corner.
  4. Paste the <applet>...</applet> tag in an appropriate place between the <body> and </body> tags. You'll find a gray box with the aqua letter "J" in the "Normal" view indicating the the applet tag has been inserted.
  5. To see the applet appearance select the "Preview" tab.
- In our URL's and in the text of the buttons we have comma. It's causing an error. Is there a way to change the delimiting character for the menu arguments?

Since 2.00 version our applets support an user-defined delimiter for the menu arguments. To modify the default delimiter add the following parameter (you can use any character as a delimiter):

<param name="delimiter" value="~">

and use it within "menuItems":

<param name="menuItems" value="
     {Features, Setup~http://www.apycom.com/apmenu~_self}

- At my pages I have a menu that contains about 700 items. If I include the menu structure in the applet tag using "menuItems" param the applet loads at an ok speed. But if I use the external menu file and "menuItemsFile" param, it takes about 2 times as long to display the menu.

The applet reads an external txt file line by line and so you can increase the loading speed by placing all item descriptions to a single line (removing "new line" chars). For example:

{|Java applets}

{Apycom,pix/new-41.gif}{|Home,http://www.apycom.com,_blank}{|-}{|Java applets}{||apMenu}{|||Home,testlink.html,_self}

- What type of sound file formats can I use for the applets?

Java v1.02 only supports the "voice format" of the .au sound files. This is also know as "?-law, 8/16-bit, mono, 8000hz sample rate"

- Is there a way to set a link to a file on my harddisk? For instance I can not put "file:///c:/test/test.htm" as my link.

Use the following syntax to link to a file on your harddisk:



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