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Superior Vista/XP html buttons and html menus!

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I would like to say thanks for the great applet... We had a DHTML menu structure... which worked well until our "menu tree" got to be over 250 long... needless to say, the performance became an issue... Your applet loads quickly... and solved our performance issue.
So once again... thanks...
Paul June
im going to use your great apPopupMenu on a site im building. i want the navigation menu to be just like the normal windows/explorer menu.
i have come along way and thats the only thing working right now. you'll see almost a perfect replica of the windows/explorer menu.
Martin Zilstra
I just downloaded apopmenu and really like its configuability and ease of use.
Gary Indian
I have installed a new menu bar on an association's site which works very well and looks very nice.
Great work. The only problem I have found is that the sounds do not work.
GREAT menue bar! Love the fade.
I would love to see some 3d rounding on this menubar Victor K.
I was at your sight for more than 6 hours and downloaded the popupmenu software and read through the Tutorial, its just excellent and so easy to create web navigation and menus
Thanks for the excellent work!
P. Sadadi
Your APMenu Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its awsome keep up the great work
I am writing to let you know what I think of your software! I think it's the BEST OUT THERE!!! I have been a Webmaster(Web SLAVE :), for almost 10 years now and I have seen Many things come and go... I can see the future for your company, and it looks Great! Your menu applets and scripts have saved me untold hours or computer sweat.. The designs are Sleek and Smooth and the Code is Clean and Flawless! And the price is affordable to almost Anyone who Needs a Professional Web Presence.
I just wanted to let you know from a Professional Stand Point, how much your products are valued by me.. I have over 3000 members, most who have seen my New website have said "WOW, NICE SITE". I must admit it has a lot to do with your applets.. PLEASE, Keep Up The Great Work! Meixner B.




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