Bootstrap ui builder


Pingendo Bootstrap UI Builder is advertised as “the simplest app to prototype with Bootstrap”. This web design software review reveals our thoughts after using the new system, which caters to developers and prides itself on ease-of-use. Perhaps most attractive, Pingendo bootstrap builder software is free to use. In this review, we’ll cover the features, practicality, responsiveness, and other important facets of Pingendo Bootstrap UI Builder.

Bootstrap Builder Main Features

First, let’s talk about the features. Pingendo bootstrap design software can be used with Mac, Windows, and Linux, which gives it a prime advantage when it comes to versatility. Pingendo lets developers create HTML prototypes using opensource tools such as LESS, Bootstrap, and Fontawesome. The program works seamlessly with HTML and LESS files, easily fitting into any developer’s toolset.

Ease of Use

Developers and designers of all skill levels can jump in and use Pingendo bootstrap builder software. It offers the flexibility to integrate with a number of programs, allowing creatives the freedom they want to create what they want. Working with opensource software gives developers and designers unbridled potential to collaborate and work like never before.

Mobile Friendliness and Responsiveness

The elegant platform is extremely responsive and truly simple to use, but while mobile support may be possible, developers and designers will likely prefer a laptop or desktop to work with Pingendo.


Pingendo bootstrap builder is completely free to use, and Pingendo’s website says that it always will be.


Pingendo delivers a comprehensive, free tool for UI development. Harnessing the power of opensource software, Pingendo works with a variety of programs and files to deliver a well-rounded platform. Pingendo bootstrap UI builder only provides support for Vanilla Bootstrap 3x components, but it can read any HTML file. We recommend Pingendo bootstrap builder for those developers and designers who want a free yet robust Bootstrap UI builder.