Website maker free


Pinegrow Web Editor is a desktop app designed to make building responsive websites faster and easier. It incorporates live multi-page editing and CSS styling, and supports multiple frameworks including Bootstrap and AngularJS.

Main Features

Pinegrow website maker free allows you to visually add, edit, move clone or delete HTML elements. It has live editing to enable simultaneous editing and testing, full support for AngularJS, Bootstrap, Foundation and plain HTML so you can drag components to your Pinegrow page and then customize them. The multi-page editing includes duplicate and mirror pages, which are updated in real time as you make changes. Pinegrow’s Stylesheet manager is a powerful tool for CSS editing, particularly when planning for multiple device sizes. You can easily download and edit pages from the internet, using them as templates. A great feature is the ability to add elements to component libraries, so that you can use favourite elements across pages and projects.

Ease of Use

As it allows you to see clearly how visual changes correspond to code changes, Pinegrow bootstrap page builder is good for learning about how HTML & CSS work. The Stylesheet manager makes holding multiple stylesheets a lot easier, and the interface itself is visually pleasing.


First of all, you can try Pinegrow out online before downloading it. After that, the personal license costs $49 (allowing you to install Pinegrow on up to three personal computers) and the company license costs $79 and can be installed on any company computer. Updates are available for one year in both plans, and both plans promise a 30 day money back guarantee. Special offers are also available for students and educators.


Pinegrow has several unique features, including the stylesheet manager and multi-page editing. An interesting one is the fact that it offers less support with CSS styling than other products, purportedly to make editing more efficient. Your mileage may vary on this one. You should also keep in mind that unlike most apps of its nature, Pinegrow is a desktop app rather than being in the cloud. The ability to reuse and share particularly good components is useful.

To see if you like Pinegrow’s UI, I suggest trying Pinegrow out online.