Bootstrap layout builder

Do you want to take advantage of Twitter's finest framework Bootstrap for web developers? Are you looking for a great solution to save your precious time and build the foundations of an excellent template in no time? Let me introduce you to LayoutIt! - an efficient web-based layout builder perfectly capable of creating a reliable web design through Bootstrap. It uses the latest versions of the popular framework to ensure a perfect developing environment according the newest standards. Regardless the beta version of the tool, you can achieve outstanding results without much effort.

Main Features

You will be just fine using LayoutIt! best website builder even if you are quite familiar with CSS, Java Script and HTML5. The layout builder has some great features, which can easily boost your front-end project without any complications:

• All of Bootstrap's components are quickly accessible via the well designed drag-and-drop interface of the application.

• Effective support of most programming languages to make the whole development process much much easier.

• Well structured and validated HTML layout which you can start implementing right away.

• All the work can be easily downloaded as .zip to be finalized later on.

Is It Easy to Use?

Anyone can handle LayoutIt! with ease. The whole purpose of this application is to ensure the most practical and swift access to Bootstrap elements. It's easy to use, intuitive and ready for to assist you on your projects. The platform is perfectly suitable for non-technical people who want to visualize and build the basics of their web design idea. The code can be easily downloaded afterwards and edited by developer for the final version. However, you don't have much control of the code inside LayoutIt! This layout builder has no code editor.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Solution?

As Twitter's famous CSS platform offers full responsibility and mobile-friendliness, LayoutIt! includes these features as well. Every single template build with the layout builder is suitable for most devices.

What's the Cost?

Here are the great news. You won't pay a single penny to use LayoutIt!, the platform is completely free of charge. If you really want to support the developers, there is donation button located in the layout builder itself and on the website. You can freely donate as much as you choose.

Final Thoughts

LayoutIt! bootstrap layout builder is really something that you probably shouldn't miss. It's a fine solution for almost every start up project and saves a lot of time. By laying out the foundation of your website with just a few clicks, well, that saves tons of work for developers. Even if you are not convinced about this layout builder, you can try it anytime entirely free. In conclusion, I can say that LayoutIt! is truly successful project, which helps numerous front-end developers from the branch. So give it the chance it deserves.