Drag and drop website builder

You want to get online but the biggest obstacle stopping you is the fact that you know nothing about where to begin; whether from HTML or even Javascript. You can always hire Intuit/Homestead Website Builder build your site for you.

Here are some of key benefits of the Intuit/Homestead drag and drop website builder:

  • It does not require any coding knowledge. All you need is to drag and drop every component of your website into place.
  • Multitude of pre-built templates to choose from Dynamic drag enabled jquery mobile menu
  • Management Support (Images, Video and Screenshots)
  • Flexible Operating System Support
  • Extremely user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Intuit/Homestead Website Builder creates and builds your sitemap automatically making it very easy to use: I must say, this is one of the nicest features of Intuit/Homestead Website Builder. Making a site map is tedious and boring but necessary because it makes it easy for your visitor to find what they're looking for on your site. It also enables search engines to find the various pages of your site. Not only is your sitemap created with the click of the mouse, it's also updated and changed when you make changes to your site. This feature saves you time and hassle.

Intuit/Homestead Website Builder organizes all your affiliate programs

Are you promoting affiliate products on your site? With Intuit/Homestead Website Builder, you can organize all the various affiliate programs you promote. Simply add your affiliate information (your unique url or snippet of javascript code, banners, etc. and even log in url, username/password). Then, with a click of a mouse you can add your affiliate link or graphic...literally a click of a mouse. No more wasting time hunting down your affiliate link or log in information.

Monetizing your site with AdSense?

Intuit/Homestead Website Builder keeps your Google AdSense javascript code ready so you can add it simply with a right mouse click. You can even decide on or change the look of the ads, and change the channel for tracking purposes, right there in the program...no more going to Google to copy/paste code.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization got you totally confused? Intuit/Homestead Website Builder makes search engine optimization easy. It tells you where you need to put your keywords and stores all your keywords for you. Plus you can run "reports" on your site and Intuit/Homestead Website Builder will tell you, step-by-step, what you need to change if you have forgotten anything in your SEO efforts.


Intuit/Homestead Website is free for the first 30 days, but cost $5.99/mo after the 30 days.

Sick of the way your site looks?

Intuit/Homestead Website Builder gives you the ability to make changes to the look of the site, on every page of the site, without having to learn css (cascading style sheets)! Take my word for it, Intuit/Homestead Website Builder will save you hours and hours of time and hassle when building new sites or adding to your existing sites.