Bootstrap wordpress theme


Bootstrap is a framework designed to make front-end web development easier. Designed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton, it has CSS and HTML-based templates for web design, with some Javascript extras. It uses two popular CSS preprocessors, Less and Sass, and easily scales for all different devices. Bootstrap is open source and available on Github. Colorlib estimates that Bootstrap is the most popular front-end framework today, with millions of users.

The website links to an Expo of other sites built using the Bootstrap framework, and this includes some high-profile sites including Lyft, Vogue and Newsweek.

Resources to Download Themes

1. has over 70 Bootstrap HTML 5 website templates.


3. This site has varied Bootstrap-based templates.



Judging by its massive popularity and the success stories shown in the Expo, bootstrap layout builder certainly does its job. Bootstrap wordpress theme are hugely varied so they’re difficult to generalize, but it’s a very useful tool for website design.