Website creator free

One of the major problems faced by website designers is the necessity to learn a web programming language in order to put designs into a physical form suitable for the web.

It’s not that designers are lazy but rather that having to adhere to the framework of any web language is often much too restrictive an environment for a designer – who by definition requires freedom of expression.

Blocs website creator free is an intuitive design application for Mac OSx that changes and in fact completely removes that requirement. Blocs is built on the extremely reliable Bootstrap 3 framework. Blocs allows the user to create beautiful responsive websites without the need for any programming knowledge what so ever.

Using the program websites are made up of Blocs (the fundamental containers that help the site to take its visual form) and Brics (interface elements such as headings, images, buttons and so on). Within Blocs each of these object types can be placed onto the page with the ease of drag and drop and can be moved and resized with the click of a button.

The Blocs interface also makes designing the entire site very easy with a static header, navigation and footer that will carry through the site automatically and a body area for customising the individual layout and content of each subpage.

Aside from allowing the user to create pages from the ground up very easily there are also hundreds of pre-made site designs, simple responsive menu and templates that you can chose from and each one is fully responsive (mobile and tablet friendly) as well as being optimised for the search engines.

Pricing for the software is very straight forward and costs just $69.99 for the personal addition which can be installed on two separate Mac computers. If you are planning to use the software within a design company then you can also opt for the team version at $299.99 which can be installed on 10 Macs.

If you want to create beautiful websites from the ground up and focus purely on the design of those sites rather than having to worry about validating code and cross browser testing then Blocs is the perfect application for you.