Best bootstrap themes

Bootstrap is an open-sourced HTML, CSS and JS framework used for creating websites and web based applications. The framework is incredibly popular because it’s available for free, easy to use and is totally customizable. The front-end framework was developed to make web development simpler and faster.


Bootstrap has an amazing set of features for anyone trying to create a web based project. The front-end framework is compatible with most popular search engines, such as: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

Current versions of Bootstrap are focus on responsive design, which enables a website to automatically adjust to the layout to fit the device being used. This gives designers the ability to create stunning websites, in a simple way, that look great on laptops, Smartphones and tablets.

Three different versions of Bootstrap are available to download for free from the company website. Users can pick which version best correlates to their skill level. Bootstrap is hosted on GitHub, the largest code hosting service in the world. Since Bootstrap is open-sourced, developers are asked to customize and add to the program.

Bootstrap themes and templates are another feature that makes this framework so popular with developers and web designers. There are numerous sites online where novice designers can purchase or download for free Boostrap themes. Many of these websites claim to have the best Bootstrap themes available. Most of these Bootstrap themes allow for total customization and many popular WordPress themes were created using the front-end framework.

Is Bootstrap For You?

Bootstrap is the ideal front-end framework for amateurs and professional web designers, alike. bootstrap gallery was designed to make web development easier and faster. The ability to be easily customized is ideal for those users who have a clear understanding of their needs or whose websites contain unique elements. If you’re ready to begin creating your we based project, please visit the Boostrap website for more information and to download the platform.