This example demonstrates:

  • Toggle mode - click any button to see toggle effect
  • Default pressed button #2 (pressedItem=2)
  • Using XP Web Buttons with frames
  • Button type 2 - silver theme style buttons
  • Horizontal menu direction
  • No 3D Background
  • Text aligned to center

HTML Source

<applet Code=apXPButtonMenu.class Width=500 Height=24>
<a href=>Apycom Java Applets</a>
<param name="Copyright" value="">
<param name="isHorizontal" value="true">
<param name="3DBackground" value="false">
<param name="alignText" value="center">
<param name="pressedItem" value="2">
<param name="buttonType" value="2">
<param name="backColor" value="eff6ff">
<param name="buttonColor" value="dddddd">
<param name="fontColor" value="000000">
<param name="font" value="Arial,11,0">
<param name="menuItems" value="
      {Example #1,pix/ex1tst.html,main_wnd,pix/new2-42.gif}
      {Example #2,ex2main.html,main_wnd,pix/new2-42.gif}
      {Example #3,pix/ex3tst.html,main_wnd,pix/new2-42.gif}
      {Example #4,pix/ex4tst.html,main_wnd,pix/new2-42.gif}
      {Example #5,pix/ex5tst.html,main_wnd,pix/new2-42.gif}
      {Example #6,pix/ex6tst.html,main_wnd,pix/new2-42.gif}

How to setup the menu


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