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Animated Buttons Example #3

Apycom Java Applets

This example demonstrates:

  • User defined browser's status string
  • Fade type 12
  • Menu structure loads from "menu.txt" file
  • Items aligned vertically
  • Text aligned to left

HTML Source

<applet Code=apMenu.class Width=90 Height=225>
<a href=http://www.apycom.com>Apycom Java Applets</a>
<param name="Copyright" value="Apycom.com">
<param name="isHorizontal" value="false">
<param name="statusString" value="Navigate my site using this menu!">
<param name="fadeType" value="12">
<param name="fadeSteps" value="40">
<param name="fadeDelay" value="17">
<param name="backColor" value="ffffce">
<param name="backHighColor" value="005c5c">
<param name="fontColor" value="000000">
<param name="fontHighColor" value="ffffff">
<param name="font" value="TimesRoman,11,2">
<param name="menuItemsFile" value="menu.txt">



How to setup the menu


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